Saturday, December 3, 2011

Download Windows 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011 - ISO

Windows 8 is a Windows version is planned to replace the version of Windows 7. His presence certainly has a lot of reward. Various kinds of argument and speculation will feature brought of course very much. After
waiting long enough after the presence information appears finally Windows 8 Microsoft also released a developer preview version of Windows 8. Windows 8 Developer preview version is of course then the embryo and the embryo of Windows 8 which will be released in the final.

Now enjoy the appearance of the Windows version 8 of the pixels P Windows 8 XP SP3 Nov 2011 - ISO Alraaúah beauty, speed and performance and in three languages ​​(Arabic, French, English) .. Version updates in November and do not need to is activated with built-in SATA and definitions of some important programs.

Integrated More Programs :
* New Themes, Icons, Wallpapers *
* Accept updates from Microsoft *
* Addons integrated *
* Internet Explorer 8 For Windows XP SP3 *
* Drivers Sata *
* Defraggler *
* Firefox 8.0 *
* Media Player Classic Home Cinema *
* WinRAR 4.01 Final *
* 7-Zip 9.20 *


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